Cards: Nature’s Most Romantic moments.

Covert detachable peni!  Neck stabbing! Morning orgies! Clingy boyfriends who wire themselves into your circulatory system?!  No judgment here.  

These pieces will eventually become part of a natural history style folio. Until then you can enjoy them as cards with fun facts about all your favorite animal relationships.   

20160212_102748 20160212_102811 20160212_102833 20160212_102716 20160212_030614

Also Burrowing Owls are pretty good at relationships by petty and narrow human standards.  They also have giant feet.

owlcard webproof

All cards are blank inside (Write your own sentiments, do I look like a mind reader?) , come with 5×7 envelopes printed by me with nice ink on nice paper. Seriously, who prints cards on Archival Paper?  Keep them…. forever. Though they are (in)appropriate for Valentines day, they are not specific to any particular holiday, emotions, observances or species.   

Special deal: From not until V-day, which I realize is uh, right away.  $6 each or $20 for the top set of 4,  $24 for all 5.   Shoot me an Email at or PM me on Facebook and we can do this old school, until I actually join the 21st century and set up some  e commerce.   

Un/Happy V-day.  



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