Printed Matters Now at the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery.

Hey all,  You have until August 1 to check out the Printed Matters Now at the Snelgrove Gallery.  A display of a portfolio exchange where 14 printmakers (myself included) respond to printed works found in the University of Saskatchewan archives.  Delving into the archive was so much fun, and I think this experience shows through in a solid collection of work from the participants.  Also on display are prints straight from the archive by  Mac Hone, Marie Elyse St. George and Nik Semenof. Check it out!


Photos by  David Bindle, as his are much much nicer than my bad cameraphone pictures.

IMG_9719 copy

My piece alongside it’s source  material (Plate VII in “Surgical Essays” by Astley Cooper and Benjamin Traverse, 1821 )

IMG_9735 copy


Opening reception:

IMG_3460 copy

IMG_3480 copy

Special thanks to Dee Gibson from the Archives for organizing such a great portfolio.

More to follow!


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