Cautionary Tales

Thence up he flew, and on the Tree of Life,
The middle Tree and highest there that grew,
Sat like a Cormorant; yet not true Life
Thereby regaind, but sat devising Death
– Milton, Paradise Lost, (Book 4, 194-197).
My images in Cautionary Tales come from a consideration of the multiple levels and changing ways we use and perceive animals as literary devices and symbols. In a cultural climate that is inundated with endless scientific reports forecasting unparalleled environmental devastation and species extinctions as a result of our actions, just how bad can the Big Bad Wolf really seem? How do fairy tales and literary symbols function in our society in the wake of this cultural awareness? While most of us no longer live in a world where we must warn our children of the wolves that stalk the pathways to grandma’s house, we have an innate cultural desire to find a place of mystery, monsters and a secret nature somewhere in the (imagined or real) woods.

All works are multi layered mixed media and resin on wood panel.

Show at Void Gallery with Maia Stark

If you are in Saskatoon check out Void’s beautiful new gallery/ store/ studio space located at 312 Ave B South



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